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Aspire have produced a nice box with a lot of advanced features.
It’s called the NX75-T and comes with the brand new Atlantis EVO tank.
The two together are called the Evo 75 Kit.

NX75-T Mod: 1-75 Watt / TC: 100°-315°C (200°-600°F)
Choose between kanthal, nickel, titanium or stainless steel mode.
Uses one 18650 flat top battery with at least 30 Amp (sold separately).
Mod size: 75mm x 35mm x 22mm.
Atlantis EVO Tank.
Liquid capacity: 2ml.
Size: Diameter 22mm, height 45mm.

If you feel like taking on serious subohm vaping, this set is the ultimate opportunity to take off at rocket speed.

Even if you are a hardened vape-warrior with lungs made of steel, the Aspire EVO75 has an experience in store for you that is guaranteed to amaze you.

NX75-T features:

Quality construction from Steel and Stainless Steel.
Gold plated springloaded 510 connection.
Variable Watt between 1W – 75W.
Min/max Ohm in all modes sre from 0.2 – 2.5 Ohm. When Ohm is above 0.9, the box will set the power according to the resistance.
Use W-button to switch between VW, VV, Bypass mode, C1, C2 and C3 mode.
When in C-mode you can adjust the Wattage-curve for C1, C2 or C3 by pressing W and use the adjustment buttons.
Temperature: 100°C – 315°C / 200°F – 600°F.
Adjust with Watt or Farenheit/Celcius.
Switch between Ni, TI, SS, M1, M2 and M3 by pressing the T-button.
Set the ²TCR in M1, M2 og M3 by pressing T and Plus.
5 click on/off.
Use code protection when locking your NX75-T. Press W and Minus to lock with code.
Write your name on the screen by pressing T and Plus.
Lock the adjustment buttons by pressing T and Plus. Unlock the same way.
Turn the NX75-T off with 5 clicks and then hold the Firebutton for 3 seconds. Turn back on with 5 clicks on Fire.
Well lit 0.86″ OLED screen.
Automatic screen rotation when turning the Mod.
Uses one 18650 flat top battery with at least 30 Amp (sold separately).
Battery can be charged in the Mod or in an external charger.
Update the Firmware via the Micro-USB port.
Reversed pole protection.
Short circuit protection.
Low resistance/ohm protection.
High/low Voltage protection.
Overheating protection.
Size: 75mm x 35mm x 22mm.
Atlantis EVO tank features:

Made from stainless steel and pyrex glass.
510 connection.
Capacity: 2 ml.
Easy top-fill.
Wide bore drip tip.
510 drip tip compatible.
AFC (Air Flow Control): Four slots of 4 x 2mm.
Size: Diameter 22mm, height 45mm.
0.5 Ohm Clapton Kanthal A1 in a vertical design (35W-40W).
0.4 Ohm Clapton Kanthal A1 in a vertical design (40W-50W).
Both with 100% organic Japanese cotton wick.

The NX75-T Mod:

The NX75-T is a solid steel construction and has a goldplated spring loaded 510 connection that will ensure that any tank will sit flush on it.
On the front it has a well lid 0.86″ OLED screen.

Below the Firebutton you get two smaller buttons marked W and T.

W lets you switch between Watt, Volt, Bypass, C1, C2 and C3 mode.
T switches Ni, Ti, SS, M1, M2 and M3 mode.
The different modes are explained later in this text.

Under the screen you’ll find the Plus and Minus adjustment buttons.

The NX75-T has a few unusual but very cool features. One is that you can write a text in the display by pressing T and Minus.
On a more serious note, you can code-lock the Mod, thereby making sure that no one else (e.g. children) can activate it.
Press W and Minus to activate this feature (the start-code is 000 but you can change it if you want.)

On the other side of the box you’ll find a Micro-USB port that can be used for both charging the battery inside the box and to update the Firmware.

The NX75-T uses an 18650 flat top battery. It is recommended to use a battery of 30 Amps or more.
The battery is inserted in the holder in the battery lid and then inserted in the Mod. Remember to put the battery in with the Plus-pole first. Otherwise it won’t fit.
*Note: Battery sold separately.

The NX75-T has all the safety features you can expect from a high end Mod.

The different modes:

The NX75-T will let you go between 1 – 75W between 0.2 – 0.9 Ohm. If you use a coil with a higher Ohm the Mod will adjust the max-power to suit the Ohm. This is a way to avoid bad Ohm-Watt set up’s.

You have a Voltage mode between 0 – 8.5V and a Bypass mode that let’s you use the NX75-T as an unregulated Mod (the safety features still works in this mode).

Finally you have the C1, C2 and C3 modes.
Aspire calls this the CFBP modes. CFBM stands for “Customizable Firing Button Profiles” and lets you adjust the Watt that is sent to your coil. As an example you can start out with 40W, go to 20W and up to 40W again. See the user manual for details on this.

Switch between the many modes by pressing the W button.

Besides this, you can vape using Temperature Control (TC). This allows you to set the temperature of your coil between 100°-315°C (200°-600°F) and vpae with resistance between 0.2 – 0.9 Ohm.
In TC mode you can choose between Nickel, Titanium or Stainless Steel wire and the Mod will automatically lock the Ohm of your coil when you have choosen the correct mode for your wire, mounted the tank and pressed Fire. The NX75-T will ask you if it’s a new coil and if you confirm this the Ohm will be locked.
If you are a true vape-geek you can even set the TCR2 (Temperature Co-efficient of Resistance) and thereby adjust your vaping-setting with millimetre precision according to your wire.

The Atlantis EVO tank:

The Atlantis EVO is made from 304 stainless steel and pyrex glass.
It is easily filled from the top: Simply unscrew the top cap an fill liquid down the sides of the glass.
The tank will hold 2 ml of e-juice.
You get a wide bore delrin drip tip but can also use your own 510 drip tips.
The tank can be fully disassembled for cleaning and you even get a spare pyrex glass tank if the pre-mounted should break.

AFC and chuff cap:

The AFC (Air Flow Control) is made from four 2 x 4mm slots at the bottom and can be easily adjusted by twisting the AFC ring at the bottom of the tank.

You get a chuff cap as well. This is a piece of rubber that can be mounted on top of the top cap to help you get a better grip when opening the tank or you can use it as a heat insulator it the top cap gets warm.

The coils:

You get two coils with the Atlantis EVO tank. Both features a Clapton wire in a vertical design:

0.4 Ohm for use between 40W – 50W (pre-installed in the tank).
0.5 Ohm for use between 35W og 40W.
Both coils have a 100% organic Japanese cotton wick.

Important: Please ensure that your coil is totally soaked in liquid before you use it. Faliure to do so will result in the cotton in the coil dry-burning and will ruin the coil.

The Aspire EVO 75 kit contains:

1 x Aspire NX75 Mod 75W TC.
1 x Aspire Atlantis EVO tank.
1 x Spare pyrex tank.
1 x Atlantis EVO coil of 0.4 Ohm (pre-installed in the tank).
1 x Atlantis EVO coil of 0.5 Ohm.
1 x Rubber Chuff cap for the top cap..
1 x USB charging/updating cable.
1 x User manual.

Please note: The NX75-T uses an 18650 Flat-Top battey. It is recommended to use batteries with minimum 30Amp output.
Batteries are sold separately.




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