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The Aspire Atlantis EVO is the pinnacle of tank evolution! We started tanking small, with clearomizers and cartomizers, but that human drive for more drove us endlessly: more flavor, more vapor production, more airflow, more capacity. Aspire has been there from the beginning, from the notable Nautilus, through the amazing Atlantis and the tremendous Triton, to the classic Cleito. The DNA of all these great tanks runs through the Atlantis EVO, and that great ancestry shows in every detail of this astonishing tank!

First the foremost, because this is an Atlantis tank, it still takes those fantastic Atlantis coils, just like all the Atlantis and Triton tanks, so you have a ready-made ecosystem of coils, with loads of flexible options like the 0.15 ohm temperature-control Aspire Atlantis Ni200 Replacement Coils, 0.3 ohm, 0.5 ohm, and 1.0 ohm wattage-mode Aspire Atlantis Replacement Coils, and now even the flavorful new 0.4 ohm and 0.5 ohm Aspire Atlantis Clapton Replacement Coils, included! When you’re a part of the Atlantis family, you’ll never struggle to find coils, whatever your application: you’ll always find a coil with the kind of flavor and vapor production you’re looking for.

The Atlantis EVO breathes through a system of four infinitely-adjustable airflow slots on the base, which go from rich-and-tight to airy-and-light. At full-open, this tank moves air like a trade wind and throws clouds like a storm cell.

Recent legislation has cut down on the size of tank many of our customers are allowed to enjoy, but Aspire evolves under the selection pressures of its environment: the Atlantis EVO Extended Kit comes with both a TPD-compliant 2ml tank for our Eurofriends, and a 4ml tank with extension for the rest of us! Including both means you’re free to build a low-profile tank for a night on the town in tight pants, and then switch to the full-force 4ml for the long day after.

Refilling is easy as pie – easier, actually, by some incredible distance – with a simple and clever top-fill system: simply unscrew the top cap and fill to the brim. No checking level marks, no flipping, no fiddly tiny holes you’ve got to aim for like shooting a bulls-eye through the eye of a needle: just unscrew and top off. And the Atlantis EVO fits more of the coil down into the base, so the bottoms of the wicking holes are even with the bottom of the deck: no more treating the fluid in the bottom of your tank like it’s just a step stool to reach the wick!

Borrowed from its cousin the Cleito, the Atlantis EVO even features an “EVO cuff”, which fits over the top of the tank and helps insulate your lips from the powerful heat of those coils. Mix and match cuffs to color-code tanks for flavors, or just accessorize.

In a market this fierce, only the very best products survive, by constant improvement over their peers. The Aspire Atlantis EVO is the youngest child of a long and storied lineage: it stands on the shoulders of giants, and sees farther. With more flavor, more vapor, more air, more capacity, more of all the things you’re looking for in a tank!

(1) Aspire Atlantis EVO
(1) 4ml extension tank
(1) Extension tank adapter
(1) Aspire Atlantis Clapton Vape Coil, 0.4 ohm
(1) Aspire Atlantis Clapton Vape Coil, 0.5 ohm



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